woensdag 22 februari 2012

Liebster Award

Ik heb nog een award gekregen! Dit keer van Talitha van Lief en Mooi. Ik waardeer het enorm dat je hem aan mij hebt gegeven.

Dit is wat de Award betekent:
"Liebster" is een Duits woord wat zoiets betekent als liefste, favoriete, beste, en de Liebster Award is een soort van ketting brief onder bloggers dat het doel heeft om uitzonderlijke en groeiende blogs onder de aandacht te brengen. Er is geen evaluatie comité of een formeel award proces voor de Liebster, maar het is zelfs leuker - het is erkenning dat een ander je harde werken heeft gezien en waardeert. 
De award wordt gegeven aan blogs met minder dan 200 volgers. Wanneer je zo'n award wint, geef je hem door aan 5 andere blogs en hoop je dat zij dat ook doen.
 Eigenlijk wil ik hem terug geven aan  Talitha van Lief en Mooi, maar ik geloof dat dat niet mag. Maar anders had ik dat gedaan! Verder weet ik nu zo niet aan wie ik hem kan geven, er zijn zoveel inspirerende blogs te vinden en ik weet niet hoe je kan zien hoeveel volgers een blog heeft. In mijn ogen zijn ze allemaal 'groots'! 
Ik laat jullie achter met een sneakpeak van m'n laatste project!
Ps. This post was in Dutch because the explanation of the award was in Dutch and I thought it best not try to translate that. And I found that writing in Dutch is actually easier for me. So I'm considering to keep writing in Dutch. If there are followers (because I've got 9!!) that don't understand Dutch, could you please tell me, so I know if I should continue in English or not. Thank you!

vrijdag 17 februari 2012


It's time to show my latest creation! I'm so excited, I just lovelovelove it!


It's an owl hat! I don't exactly remember where I got the idea, I mean they're everywhere on the internet. But when I saw this one I knew I wanted to make my own owl hat with even more colors if possible. Then came the problem, all the patterns I could find were for little babies and children, but I wanted one for myself. Who can resist such a great hat?! Maybe that's the child in me, but I absolutely love these kind of things.. In the end I just looked for a pattern for a hat with earflaps and found this. Although I did not follow the pattern exactly, because I've got my own way of making a flat circle, but it was a good guideline. Now I come to think of it, the earflaps I also didn't do quite according to the pattern, because I wanted them slightly bigger, I like my ears to be fully covered. I just love it that with crochet you can make you own adjustments so easily! Anyway, when my hat was finished I just made the eyes, beak and ears and stitched them on there, then some breading and it was finished! Let's see some more!

The light is not great at 9.15PM (read: lamplight!) but I could not longer wait to show it off ;-) Just look at the cuteness!

And I am really proud of the ears with their fluffy little threads, a close-up!

I hope this brights your day as it did mine. I had so much joy creating it. Tomorrow I will wear it the whole day while citytripping, already a good day! Okay, just one last picture and then I'm gone..

See you!

woensdag 15 februari 2012

Blogger Award!

Only 2 weeks in blogland and I got an award! :) Thank you very much ElaineB!

The rules are that I am to do the following:
1.Add the award to your blog.
2.Thank the blogger(s) who gave it to you.
3.Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4.List the rules.
5.Award to 15 bloggers.
6.Inform each of the 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. So first I have to figure out how to add the award to my blog, before I can actually add it. Well, I can do that after this post I suppose. At least it's on the top of this post!
2. I've thanked ElaineB now a few times, think that'll be good enough.
3. Ahh, this is one I love! But I'll do it further down!
4. See above.
5. This is something I might do in the future, as I said earlier, I'm new in blogland and I will have to take some time for this. So probably: to be continued!
6. Also: to be continued!

Now, my random things!!

1. I've been baking cookies a few days ago and already ate them all!
2. I have to read at least a few pages in a book before I go to sleep.
3. I really miss riding on my motorbike now I'm in Sweden, because my bike is in the Netherlands.
4. I like to splash in the puddles on the street after if had been raining.
5. My twin nieces are having their birthday today, turning 2! (and I miss them)
6. I'm in love with my new duckie! For in my tea.. (Check this)
7. I want to bake more cookies.

I hope you like my random stuff. And I'll be posting about crochet again soon! I'm working on such a lovely thing, I'm really excited about it, I really hope it'll work out as I hope it will :)

See you!

zaterdag 11 februari 2012

Crochet History

Today it's time to display the things I have already crocheted so far. Don't have photo's of everything, but hope you enjoy this anyway!

A bag for my stash of yarn! (Though I had to buy new balls of yarn to fill my bag after it was finished..) Made after a pattern of Lucy of Attic24, don't we love her all!

A detail of the bag, and I see now that I had put my Blooming Flower Cushion in the bag..

This Blooming Flower Cushion! 
(Also a pattern from Lucy)

These are the little flowers I sewed on the straps of the bag. On the bag they have a button in the middle to finish it off.

And  the Ripple scarf that came to life when I was trying a little bit of rippling. It was so much fun that it grew and grew untill it was about 2meters long!

I have also made a laptop sleeve, but I don't have photo's of that right now. Maybe I will show you that one later. The sleeve isn't finished yet, I need to line it first, but I don't have the means to do that right now. So that's something I will have to finish on the long run. And actually the very first project I crocheted was a stack of colorfull hexagons that I crocheted together in a scarf as well, but it was never a really succesfull project.. But not getting rid of it, because it was my first crochet project. It's probably something like your first love.. It still has something special..

The Baby Ripple is getting it's border, but I'll show you when it's finished! I didn't do much crochet this week, but it's coming along now.. 

See you! :)

woensdag 1 februari 2012

Baby Ripple!

I would like to write today about my biggest crochetproject so far, the Baby Ripple. The Baby Ripple is a present I am making for the expected baby of friends. It was THE excuse to finally crochet a blanket, although just a little one compared to what I have seen on the net, but for me a big project! Once I heard that my friends were expecting a little baby, my mind started to rattle about all the possible blankets I could make. Should I make one of gannysquares, or perhaps other squares, or no squares at all and just grannystripes. I was also thinking about the color combination, because I like a lot of color, but it is a present so I decided that I shouldn't make it too bold on that matter. First I thought of a sort of flower square, with bright springcolors as centre and put them in a soft bed of white-ish (it's not completely white) borders. But when I got the cotton, with all my lovely colors, I found that it didn't look that pretty when I made squares of it.. I tried just a little example of just a few rows of treble stitches (thats the UK term I think) and that looked much more pretty. But only rows of treble would be a bit boring, so I decided that it would have to be a ripple! I made a ripple scarf before and I liked it very much, I love to ripple. But let's take a look at it!

This was my very first photo of my ripple and I love how the focus is on the right and on the left the ripple turns in to a blur. You can see that as well on my other photo's, I recently found out how to create that effect with my camera and now I find almost of of my photo's ending up with that. Hope you don't mind, haha! Here are some more close ups I took yesterday when the sun was shining in so lovely through the window.


And last but not least, the whole blanket!

It is approximately 80cm by 80cm. But as you can see here, there is no border yet, so it will grow a bit bigger. Now I don't want to undo the ripple in the border because I made a ripple blanket and not a square one, why undo that? But I would like if it had the white-ish al around it to bound it all together, if you know what I mean. I didn't have enough white-ish to start with the borders yet, but today I got some and now I can start to finish this Baby Ripple. How exciting it will be when it's actually finished! 

Oh, do you remember me saying that I wanted not to be too bold with the coloring? Well, I think something went aghast when I decided that it would be a ripple. With the squares there would have been more white-ish between the colors, but with the rippling I should have compensated that with 4 rows of white-ish instead of the 2 I did here. But I'm not complaining, I love this Baby Ripple and I dearly hope that my friends will like is as much for their little one.

Now it's time to start thinking of which border to use, I think it should be something simple and plain. But I'll let you know when I figured it out! 

Goodbye for now,